Financial Times article on “The great uncoupling: one supply chain for China, one for everywhere else”
 “In the past, there would be one massive plant in China for the whole world. But thatglobalisation is gone,” says CY HuangaTaiwanese investment banker and adviser on a number of deals which havecontributed to disentangling global supply chains from China. “It will be more costly, and it will be less efficient. But it is the way that politics is pushing us.”
“Mr. Huang believes even Foxconn might at some point have to sell its massiveChina-based assembly plants. “In the future, Apple wants to delegate supplying of the China market to Chinese suppliers. The other markets in the world can be handled by Taiwanese suppliers,” he says.”
Mr Huangthe investment banker, last month launched an initiative called
Re!Chain aimed at helping Taiwanese companies reinvent themselves amid therapid change. He is bringing together enterprises including Fair Friend Group, the world’s third-largest machine tool maker, WPG, the world’s largest integratedcircuit distributor, and Teco, Taiwan’s largest automation provider. Instead of offering cheap manufacturing services in China, he expects them to manage smart global supply chains with the help of automation, AI and blockchain.
“My assumption is that Taiwan should become the co-ordinating centre in the global supply chain,” he says.
Source: https://reurl.cc/LdZRyy